PADS VX.2.6 and PADS Professional VX.2.6 is released!

Release highlights for PADS VX.2.6:

  • The 64-bit version of PADS AMS, which replaces the 32-bit version of the simulator.
  • PADS Layout now uses the same engine (UPG) as PADS Router
  • Fixed origin for copper hatch grid
  • CAM enhancements
  • Support for the creation and modification of Copper and Keepout objects directly in PADS Router
  • User layers in PADS Designer
  • Documentation Enhancements in PADS Designer
  • PADS Standard Plus Suite now includes PADS AMS, please request new license before installing
  • Download here
  • Ask a free evaluation license!

Release highlights for PADS Professional VX.2.6:

  • Ability to install a 64-bit version of the PADS Pro products
  • Supports adding a color definition to Constraint Manager which can be used by both Designer and Layout
  • Comments on Nets within Designer, Constraint Manager and PADS Pro Layout
  • User layers in PADS Designer
  • Variant Notes
  • Enable the Dynamic Planes engine to cross the route border and board outline
  • Plane Shape Display
  • Some significant improvements to Variant Manager
  • Sketch Router : Improved control for Routing in Rule areas
  • Optimization of 3D Hazards Display in PADS Pro 3D Layout
  • And much more.
  • Download here
  • Ask a free evaluation license!
  • More info here.

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