DxDBTweaker is a free tool which helps to quickly check and modify the Databook backend access database. The main functionality is:

1.  Structure of the database

  • It checks the properties (attributes) in all partitions (tables) and lists common and partition-spesific
  • For partition-spesific attributes, it shows in which partitions they exist
  • Add, rename or delete common and partition-spesific properties

2.  Modify the contents of the properties

  • Edit, copy as new and modify
  • View attibutes arranged horizontally or vertially
  • Compare selected side by side

3.  Checks

  • You can define “local unique” and “global unique” properties. Tweaker checks across all tables or just inside one table that the condition is set.

No Msaccess license is needed.  Modifying the attribute contents require that a primary index exists in tables. It is easy to add with the tool.

Databook can utilize Excel files as well, but a database is more robust environment and highly recommended.

The tool requires a license, a one year code is provided free of charge (no mac address is needed). Download here.

In some computers you may need the Microsoft’s “Data connectivity components -package“. Install if the Tweaker doesn’t run.

See the video (3:32)

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