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Best Practices web seminar series


We are arranging a series of free Best Practices web seminars for existing PADS users. The goal is to help the users to maximize the benefits from the system.

Each seminar takes 30 to 45 minutes, and can host 10 computers (there can be several followers on each).  If necessary, the session will be repeated so that all can join.

The first session will cover the attribute management in Library and the job files. PADS doesn’t force the user to use attributes, so in many cases they are not utilized to their full potential.  Also companies are implementing systems to manage product and component data, and this requires a code to identify the components. The code should be entered to the library and the job files.


Planned seminars (dates to be confirmed later):

Best Practices: 3D View & DRC

  • The current PADS version has a sophisticated 3D support and Step-interface. The session covers 3D model library and linking, setting offsets etc. 

Best Practices: Router/Layout co-operation

  • Layout and Router can be update information in real time so there is no delay in moving between. There are also some adjustments to optimize the usage. 

Best Practices: Copper areas

  • There is now ony one dynamic copper type and the behaviour depends on the layer type
  • Router has now copper creation functions, as well as real time flooding

Best Practices: Designer databook - tweaker

  • Databook allows the use of a general database to maintain attribute information, such as MsAccess
  • Tweaker is a free tool which allows maintenance of the component partitions (tables) and copying/editing of parts and attributes in the Access database (no Microsoft Access is needed)

Best Practices - gerber&exc&ipc

  • Gerber and Excellon formats seem to be still favoured, although there are other formats available
  • it makes sense to streamline the process to transfer the information from CAD tool to the fabricator's CAM environment. It requires just fine-tuning the parameters

Please indicate your interest to the seminar series by sending an email to We will send an email when the new session time is confirmed. New topic suggestions welcome

Previous sessions:

Best Practices: PADS VX.2.4 installation and settngs migration

  • Batch Install 
  • Settings migration from previous version
  • Distributing settings across workstations

 Best Practices: Attributes

  • Attribute managers (library, schematic, layout)
  • Updating the attributes in the library and job files
  • attribute dictionary and inheritance