PADS® Professional Student Edition

PADS® Professional Student Edition

Jumpstart your career with an industry-standard professional design tool powered by Xpedition® technology, used by the most innovative companies in technology.

PADS Professional Student Edition Details

This free download:

  • Is available to any active student. Professors/Instructors may also download the Student Edition.
  • It is intended for academic coursework and basic educational projects.
  • Includes a license good for 1-year.
  • Gains you access to a multitude of eLearning resources.
  • It is not to be used for commercial/business activities or evaluation. Please contact DS-Designsystems Oy



  • PADS Professional Student Edition is the best-in-class product for PCB Design and Analysis
  • Fully integrated tool flow including:
  • Easy to use schematic capture
  • Powerful PCB Layout tools
  • Constraint management for correct-by-construction design
  • Library management
  • PCB analysis (powered by HyperLynx® LineSim)
  • Manufacturing prep
  • All created projects and results data can only be used in PADS Professional Student Edition

Support for PADS Professional Student Edition is available through the following:

  • Start Here.  The Student Edition Cheat Sheet. Once PADS Professional Student Edition is installed, this document gives you links to a YouTube video playlist that helps you come up the learning curve fast. 
  • Mentor’s Support Center. A powerful, personalized support site offering access to a comprehensive knowledge base and product resources, Mentor Communities, and an active support forum where Mentor users help each other.
  • On-demand Training. Do you want deeper knowledge about the capabilities of PADS Professional Student Edition? If so, students have free access to a professional on-demand training video library. A great way to supplement your knowledge at your leisure.
  • Support Forums (PADS Professional). Click here for direct access to PADS Professional community forums.
  • Note: no direct customer support is provided for PADS Professional Student Edition.
  • Check out 80 how-to videos on YouTube, focused around Schematic and Layout design.
  • Student End-User License Agreement

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