PADS Professional VX.2.7 ja PADS VX.2.7 on nyt julkaistu!

PADS Professional VX.2.7 ja PADS VX.2.7 on julkaistu ja ladattavissa Support Centerissä!

Uudet ominaisuudet PADS Professional VX.2.7:ssa:

  • PADS AMS 64-bit Simulator Enhancements
  • PartQuest Integration
    • Designer to support EDX file input from PQ
    • Drag-and-drop from PartQuest
    • Import multiple parts from PartQuest
  • Clearly identify PADS Professional
  • Separate Grid snapping/ Grid display buttons
  • Better Tab management
  • Rationalized shortcuts
  • Warn when overriding PDF
  • Pop command on context menu
  • DRC will check the pin type from symbol, block and instance level
  • CCE and PDF Export Improvements
  • Part Creation Improvements
  • Dynamove of Traces when Sketch Plans exist in the design is up to 6x faster
  • Deleting traces/vias is up to 5x faster
  • Minimized Component Explorer impact on interactive editing performance due to recalculating the number of opens.
  • Clearances on NC Pins
  • Place Multiple Parts
  • New methodology to interactively place test points
  • Route Obstructs (Allow One Net)
  • Pin Swapping During Plow
  • Improve the Diff Pair routing and manipulation functionality
  • Add Partially Selected Traces
  • Manual Saw Tune
  • Sawtooth Tune Box on Selection
  • Add Netlines to Sketch Plan based on Pin selection
  • Incremental Sketch Routing Improvements
  • Constraints -Automation of Custom Topologies with Virtual Pins
  • Visualization: Improved Selection and Highlight
  • Improved Color by Net or Class
  • Visualization -Net Name Display on Pin & Via Pad Graphics
  • 3D Technology -Added JT 3D Model Format Support
  • MCAD Collaboration: IDX / IDX Plus
  • Hazard Explorer Dynamic Update User Control
  • Snap to Boards in FabLink
  • Constraint Automation

Uudet ominaisuudet PADS VX.2.7:ssa:

  • PADS AMS 64-bit Simulator Enhancements
  • Prior to VX.2.7 editing symbol properties and SimDB mapping worked primarily at the block level
  • Designs using VHDL-AMS models now netlist faster, and regularly used tool dialogs take less time to start
  • Smaller Install Size
  • You can now check for silk screen over copper pads in the Verify Design Fabrication check
  • DRC will check the pin type from symbol, block, and instance level
  • Instead of one Grid Display button in VX.2.7 there are two separate Grid Display and Grid Snap buttons.
  • The Pop command was added to the RMB popup menu.
  • The following commands were added to behave similar to web browsers: Close all, Close all but this, Close tabs to the left, and Close tabs to the right.
  • An overwrite warning was added when generating PDF files
  • Partquest.com Download Process Simplified
  • PADS Router: Backup Enhancement to Allow for the Exclusion of 3D Content


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