The HyperLynx product family has a complete line of simulation products for PCB design. It has both Pre- and Post-Layout simulation. The GUI is very much like an oscilloscope, making it intuitive to view step response or continuous waveforms. A termination wizard calculates the optimal termination values and strategy. It has a wide library of models, and you can find more IBIS models from the semiconductor vendors web sites.

Hyperlynx can be used with most PCB Design tools.

HyperLynx SI  is the basic signal integrity package. It is quick and easy to use. The basic SI is included in the PADS Standard Plus and Professional packages.

HyperLynx DDRx  has additional functionality to analyze DDR designs. It has wizards to help setting up topology, controller and memories as well as the simulations. DDRx supports DDRs up to DDR4. Parametric sweeps are enabled.

HyperLynx SI GHz  brings in more features like analysis of fast serial signals using an eye diagram and eye mask. It contains more tools like  IBIS Viewer, Z0 Planner, Crosstalk, multi-board analysis, parametirc sweeps, advanced trace modelling, frequency dependent losses, decomposition via modeling.

HyperLynx PI supports both DC-Drop and AC analysis. It also simulates the temperatures. The DC Drop is extremely easy to use and quickly shows the possible bottlenecks in the current flow. AC analysis simulates the noise levels in the impact of decoupling. AC analysis helps optimize the decoupling strategy – what kind of caps are needed and where.

HyperLynx DRC  is an extended functionality design rule checker which is able to batch analyze board’s EMC/EMI behaviour. It is scriptable, and in a typical application a number of checks are scripted. This helps to make sure that the checks are executed and shortens the “items to check”-list.

HyperLynx Full-Wave Solver is a 3D, wideband electromagnetic solver for SI, PI ja EMI-problems.

HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver allows building of full package models and supports multiprocessing to speed up simulation.

HyperLynx Thermal is  3D-simulator to investigate the behaviour of placement and traces in thermal domain. It takes thermal conductivity, convection and radiation into account. It can reach accuracy of +/- 10%.

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