PADS Standard Plus Suite 3D

PADS Standard Plus Suite 3D has an extensive set of features:

All Standard Suite 3D features:

  • Fast performance even on big boards
  • 3D viewer with STEP export and import
  • Support for default and net rules
  • Efficient interactive/batch router
  • Exports to IPC-D2581, ODB++, Ascii, STEP, IDF, DXF, intelligent PDF plus other formats
  • Imports for several other CAD formats
  • PADS Logic and PADS Designer front end

Plus following:

  • 3D DRC
  • Extended rules (layer, class, pinpair etc)
  • High-speed rules (length, lengh matching, differential pairs)
  • Interactive differential pair routing
  • Signal integrity and crosstalk analysis, both pre- and post-layout
  • Basic thermal analysis
  • Integrated flow – Designer and Layout share a database containing nets, components and rules – no traditional ECO. Changes in schematic or rules reflect to the Layout in real time
  • Constraint Manager makes it easier to define and maintain complex rules.
  • Central Library
  • Variant Manager

We arrange several training courses annually, both on-site and general. The tools have an extensive support by email, on-line meeting, phone or on-site visit.

See for videos and more comprehensive information.

Evaluation licenses available.

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