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1611, 2020

PADS-etäkoulutuksia saatavana

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Näinä poikkeuksellisina aikoina etäkoulutus on mahdollisuus saada juuri teidän tarpeisiinne räätälöityä koulutusta PADS-ohjelmistojen käyttöön. Koulutus voidaan pitää kohdennettuna juuri teidän […]


Downstream Technologies järjestää Expertly manage your PCB documentation-webinaarin 28.4.2021. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin täällä.

Lisätietoja webinaarista alla:

PCB Documentation – With the 6.5 release of BluePrint, we now can document Flex and Rigid-Flex designs.

This Webinar will introduce the user to the tools in BluePrint that allow for flex and Rigid-Flex designs to be documented easily and […]

Downstream Technologies järjestää DFMStream Demonstration now with Rigid Flex support-webinaarin 27.4.2021. Ilmoittaudu webinaariin täällä.

Alla lisätietoja webinaarista:

At this free webinar you will learn about DFMStream from DownStream Technologies that provides powerful DFM capabilities in an easy-to- use tool suite. DFMStream bridges the gap between engineering and fabrication, helps save valuable time and reduces […]

Tuote-esittely-webinaarit, CAM350 14.5 ja BluePrint 6.5

February 16 @ 4:00 pm - February 17 @ 5:00 pm

CAM350 14.5. ja BluePrint 6.5. on julkaistu! Uusi release sisältää mm. tuen flexeille, rigid-flexeille ja upotetuille komponenteille sekä 2D- että 3D-näkymässä.

Esittelywebinaarit helmikuussa:

Tiistaina 16.2. CAM350/DFMStream klo 16.00

At this free webinar, you will learn about DFMStream from DownStream Technologies that provides powerful DFM capabilities in an easy-to-use tool suite. DFMStream bridges the gap between engineering and fabrication […]

Hyperlynx DRC is a batch tool that performs comprehensive Electrical Safety, Signal Integrity, EMI, and Power integrity checks for PCB design files. It streamlines the electrical signoff flow.

The checks are based on easy to set-up rules.

Interactive checking is tedious, takes time (=expensive), and it is easy to miss some checks, especially in last-minute changes. An […]

“Designing today’s multi-gigabit SerDes channels is challenging. Careful consideration must be given to discontinuities in the channel to ensure reliable and robust product operation.

In this webinar, we will show you how to evaluate tradeoffs and derive constraints early in the design cycle, using HyperLynx GHz pre-layout simulation to optimize critical areas […]

“This webinar will cover a number of techniques to help you become more proficient when routing your PCBs. We’ll discuss Rule-By-Area “Schemes” and how they help with fan-out and routing of difficult components like BGAs, SOICs and Connectors. We will show how to fan-out devices quickly, and how to move them once the […]

DFMStream Demonstration-webinar

April 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Learn how to streamline analysis and post-processing to increase efficiency, and avoid delays. By implementing DFM solutions, you will ultimately be saving time and money.

CAM350/DFMStream is designed to analyze, verify, and optimize a PCB design for successful fabrication. During this webinar, you will witness how easy it is to learn and […]

PADS Professional online demonstration – why should I choose PADS Professional?

Mentor’s, a Siemens Business, Field Application Engineer Kirill Nikeyev keep online demonstrations to our customers on Tuesday 28th April at 10-12 am. He introduces the best features of PADS Professional like sketch routing, rigid-flex designs, 3D DRC check etc. PADS Professional […]

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